Hey Ladies! I am going to show you my Tips and Tricks for placing and applying blush. Blush is my favorite makeup product and I also contour with darker blushes, and I double blush as well. I will add info below in my description bar of Skin tones and what color of blushes you should use. I am also including a list of Combinations as the color of lipsticks that you wear, and the blushes you add to it. I would love for you to comment below as to your method of placing and applying. Actually, there are no set rules to adding blush. Hope you enjoy the video. xoxo Sharon

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Skin tone:
Fair Cool – Light/sheer Pinks or Mauve
Fair Warm – Light/sheer Coral or Peach
Medium Cool – Pinks or Mauve or Purples
Medium Warm – Coral or Orange
Dark Cool – Burnt Pink or Reds
Dark Warm – Light or Bright Mauve, Purples, Orange.

Nude Lipstick – Any Blush or Bronzer
Sheer Lipstick – Natural Blush
Light Pink Lipstick – Pink Blush
Hot Deep Pink – Bronzer
Orange Red – Orange Tone Bronzer or Natural Bronzer
True Red – Bronzer or Contour
Coral Lipstick – Coral Blush (Coralista by Benefit)
Dark Berry Tone Lipstick – Bronzer
Purple Tone Lipstick – Bronzer or Slight purple tone blush


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