With the entire world changing and constantly evolving, there isn’t really a way to live life by anymore.  Girlfriends, do you know some of the best principles to live by?  Do you know what basic rules everyone should be raised with in their home? Do you want to raise your kids with these principles?  Well, take a look at what I think that every household should have as rules and what rules in general everyone should live by.  It’s all about life, love and beauty girlies!

Respect One Another

The very first and most important principle that everyone should have in their home is all about respect.  Respect is something that should be mutual and it should never be a discussion!  Girlfriends, do you respect your partner?  Do they respect you?  Do you respect your parents?  Do they respect you?  Remember, you want to have respect all around, if you have this, you will have something so special!

Love Thy Neighbor

No matter who your neighbor is, no matter who the person is next to you, you should love them.  This isn’t just something that is taught in religions, it is something that everyone should live by.  Do you think we would have as much hate in our lives if everyone in the world lived by this particular principle?

No Judgment Zone

With that love should come absolutely no judgment.  You can’t love someone if you are constantly judging not just their lifestyle, but everything that they do.  If you really want to love thy neighbor, you’ve got to let go of some of the judgment that you are constantly feeling and instead, just replace that with love and see what happens and how your life changes!


Be Kind


Finally girlfriends, you’ve got to treat everyone with kindness, even if you don’t get it back right away.  It’s hard right?  To be kind and nice to everyone, even if they are spitting in your face?  Chin up and take it, it’ll be worth it in the end and truthfully girlfriends, you’ll be a better person for it!


So, now that you have some ideas of the principles that everyone should live by, what are some of yours?  Do you have any principles or rules that you are living by right now? Do they match up to mine?  Share your experiences in the comments below girlies!