If you had someone to take a closer look at your skin, what would they find? Would they see that the makeup that you are using is not right for you? Or would they be flattered by the way your makeup is smoothly applied, giving you a younger and fresher look? As you age, your skin begins to undergo noticeable changes, which means that you may have to change your makeup entirely. For one, if you had oily skin when you were younger, as you age, your skin will become less oily and drier. You will have to make a switch to anti-aging cosmetics with hydrating ingredients. Fortunately for you, there are quite a number of these on the market and you will find one that matches your skin type. You just have to be aware of how your skin is changing.

Anti-Aging Makeup

Aging and maturity causes skin to lose its elasticity, youthfulness and clarity. Your pores will become more pronounced and noticeable. It is time to look more closely at the makeup that you are currently using. It is time to throw out the ones that aren’t working anymore and buy new ones that complement your skin.

Advice and Suggestions

Here are some tips, advice and suggestions that will help you to make the switch. As you begin to update your cosmetics, have these tips in your mind.

  • Before you apply anti-aging foundation or powder, it is best to put on a light-diffusing primer. In addition, you should opt for a creamy foundation to moisturize the skin and won’t settle into your wrinkles and fine lines. Purchase anti-aging formulas that have SPF ingredients. This protects your skin from sun damage.
  • Apply two coats of concealer, but make sure it has a yellow undertone to cover the age spots.
  • Lightly apply pressed powder on your face for full coverage. Make sure it has a moisturizing effect. For those with combination skin, loose powder application to the T-zone is best.

Eye Shadow

Prior to putting on your eye shadow, apply a light-diffusing eyelid primer. Use cream eye shadows with softer colors that will provide a matte finish. Try to stay away from shimmering eye shadows that can settle into your wrinkles and over time, age you considerably. Powder-infused eye liners are ideal, but use softer colors and stay away from darker shades. These will only draw attention to bags under the eye and dark circles around the eye.

Fuller Lashes

To get fuller lashes, opt for brown or black mascara, but choose the ones that have a double tapered brush. Don’t rub the skin under the eyes. Pat the area instead as it will be thinner and more sensitive to cosmetics as you age.

Eye Brows

If your eye brows are thinning, it is ideal to use eye brow pencil or powder. Make short strokes with it, starting from the corner of the eyes to the outward edges. Choose an eye brow pencil that matches your hair color. If you are a blonde, for example, you would go for a light brown eye brow pencil.


Other makeup consideration for aging women is moisturizing lipstick with SPF ingredients, a blush to complement your skin and lip liner for those special occasions. Try to avoid darker colors and stick to more natural colors when it comes to your makeup. Have fun applying your makeup and don’t be afraid to experiment. Do you have any tips or suggestions that you could provide? Let us hear it by leaving your comments below.