If you are over 50 or attracted to someone who is, don’t despair. Age is just a number, although some people will think otherwise. You may be able to find someone close to your age group as the ideal fit for you. However, don’t relinquish the idea of having fun with a younger man or woman. If you are open to trying the cougar dating life, you could end up enjoying the company of someone younger or the person might even enjoy your company better than with a younger person. Many women have the feeling that good men are hard to find, but they may be looking in the wrong age bracket or not looking in one that would help them to find that great date. Men come in all sizes, shapes and age. In fact, if you were to date an older man, you might find yourself learning a thing or two. If you are willing to consider dating others of varying ages, careers and lifestyle, you may realize how many good men there are out there.

Issues To Consider

As an older woman, you may find yourself having strong chemistry with a younger man. Never in your dreams did you think that this would happen, right? You may find yourself relating to the younger man for various reasons, which may not include age. This younger man may be fun to be around. He may like some of the things you do – a common interest and he may seem beyond his years in his conversation with you. Whatever attracts you to him will hold your attention as long as you don’t care what other people might say. If you are worried about your grown kids, you may be barking up the wrong tree. They are ‘grown,’ which means you already raised them. They have their own lives and so should you! Stop having any guilt trip, woman! You deserve to be happy.

The Older Female

To many young men, the older female seems more appealing. Why? She may be accomplished, knows what she wants, experienced and not totally committed to a relationship before getting to know the other individual. This kind of woman likes to be in control of her love life, career and just about everything. She is not looking for a serious relationship right away because she may have ‘been there and done that already.’ So she is open to some fun and wild behavior with a lot of thrill involved.

What To Consider

To consider cougar dating, you must first know exactly what you want. If you are not shy about exploring your options, then go for it. If you are at a point in your life where you just want to enjoy life, don’t let anyone stop you from choosing the cougar lifestyle. Don’t be boxed in by what society deems appropriate. Don’t be afraid to discover new things.


Many people turn up their noses at cougar dating and are quick to judge if you choose that route. However, it is more important to choose what makes you happy. Have you experimented with cougar dating? Let us hear your take on this by leaving your comments below.