If you are like many other gals who love the beach on a hot summer day, you may want to read this article for solutions in how to deal with those summer hair issues. Of course, some women don’t mind having those beach waves, but bear in mind that your hair will look like a frizzy and brittle mess, if you leave your hair like that or you will have unhealthy hair. Lucky for you, we have some easy methods of taming your hair during the summer.

Chlorine Hair Damage

If you spend a lot of time swimming in the pool, it can damage your hair. In fact, you can have a hair color change in no time. This is because of the chlorine in the water. The chlorine will lift the outer layers of the hair to make your hair so brittle, especially if your hair is dyed or relaxed. To prevent this kind of damage, prior to going into the water, rinse your hair with tap water. This makes is more difficult for chlorine to bond to the hair. You could also apply leave-in conditioner in your hair before going into the pool. Use hair mask to on a weekly basis to repair any damage done while swimming in the pool.

Hair Damage by the Sun

Being out in the sun can really damage your hair and skin. The sun penetrates the keratin in your hair, making the strands weaker and gives it a faded color. The main solution to this – is to wear a hat on the beach. Or you can use hair products that contain UV protection ingredients. Apply it just like you would put conditioner in your hair, coating every strand of hair. If you hair is already sun dried, apply leave in moisturizing conditioner.

Sunburned Scalp

While your hair strands are important, so also is your scalp. If you part your hair, apply sunscreen in the section that is parted. If you wear a ponytail, apply sunscreen around the hairline. Use hair products that have antioxidant ingredients such as aloe, Vitamin C and green tea.

Hair Frizz

If you have curly hair, you may experience frizzing when you spend a lot of time in the pool or at the beach. This is even worse when the summer temperatures are very high. To resolve this, avoid heavy hair products. Choose anti-frizz hair sprays or silicone based products instead.

Hair Split Ends

When you are exposed to very high temperatures, your hair may break or you might experience split ends to your hair. Heat, whether by the summer heat or blow dryer will sap the moisture out of your hair strands. Use Moroccan oil to treat your split ends.


Be sure to take care of your hair when you spend a lot of time in the sun. Of course, most hair products are only temporary solutions, so before you get to that point, apply treatment to your hair on a regular basis and protect your hair, at all cost. Do you have any recommendations for our readers? If so, leave your comments below.