While summer is not over yet, autumn is right around the corner and with fall comes a brand new set of beauty tips.  Finding all of the right beauty tips for fall is hard, especially if you aren’t exactly sure what you are supposed to do differently.  The summer is all about the heat, all about sweat and all about keeping your skin cool and the protecting it.  In the fall, you are going to be exposed to the changing of the seasons, which could lead to your skin being out in colder elements.  This in turn means that you’ve got to be prepared for drying and cracking!  So, you ready to learn how to prepare for the best season of all time?

Nourishing Skin Masks

One of the top beauty tips for fall is all about protecting your skin.  This time, you aren’t protecting your skin from the sun (although, you should still keep your SPF handy!), you’ve got to protect it from the drying, the cracking and make sure that it nourished.  That means, using some incredible nourishing skin masks is going to help.  You want a mask that is going to leave your skin oh-so-soft and looking beautiful.  You also want the mask to protect your skin from the harsher cold elements that tend to happen in the fall.


Moisturize All of Your Skin

While moisturizing your skin in any season is important, it is especially important in the fall.  Your skin is super vulnerable when the seasons start to change, especially as dramatically as they change in the fall, from sweltering temperatures to temps that are super cool and even cold sometimes.  You want to keep your moisturizer handy gals, I’m not kidding.  Keeping a bit of lotion around and really moisturizing up at night will keep your skin looking plump and beautiful all of the time!  If you moisturize multiple times throughout the day, you’ll never have to worry about your skin cracking or feeling dry!

Exfoliate Your Skin

Now, with moisturizing, you’ve got to get rid of that dead skin that tends to build up on your body and your face.  That means that exfoliating is going to be super, super important!  There are tons of different DIY sugar and salt scrubs that you can use, or you can purchase yourself a cleanser that has exfoliating beads right inside of it.  It all depends on exactly what is comfortable for you, but don’t forget to exfoliate! 

Keep Chapstick Handy

Finally, the last beauty tip that you’ve got to keep in mind whenever the seasons start to change is to keep that chapstick on hand!  Your lips are typically the first thing that are going to end up chapped, so if you constantly are adding in a bit of moisturizing chapstick and are constantly coating them in protection, you won’t have to worry about the burn of chapped lips!


So gals, these are just a few tips that I’ve got up my sleeve to prepare me for the colder months.  What about you girls?  Do you have any preparations that you want to share with me?  Give ’em up in the comments!  I wanna hear from you girlies!