If you are trying to find the hottest look for the spring, then go for Pretty Naughty, which is the new Estee Lauder Spring make-up collection for 2013. The make-up kit mixes shades of pink, lavender and blue with some liveliness and smokiness.

There are five shades in the eye shadow palette. You will find a sea blue, golden brown, soft pink, dark charcoal and dusty purple. The golden brown and dark charcoal has some shimmer while the pink and blue are direct shades. The dusty purple has smokiness to it. There is so much versatility with these colors because you can mix and match them. This is the ideal palette for women over the age of forty. It takes you out of the 1980s of only neutral shades and gives you more options to infuse and tone these colors. The palette also comes with a double eye liner; one side is black and the other side is light blue.

The make-up collection comes with an illuminating powder blush. It looks so much more intense when viewed inside the palette, but is different when applied to the face. The shade is a light pink with a soft shimmer. Estee Lauder has maintained this dimensional pattern to most of their blushes and bronzers for several seasons. The pattern is raised, which makes it easier to pick it up on the brush. You get varying levels of the product on the brush and so it is easier to blend to your cheeks.

There are four fresh shades of matte lipsticks this season. The shades are Naked, Rebel, Rock Candy and Demure. They seem to all have a creamy texture. The colors pack quite a punch when it comes to vibrant shades. The application is easy and clean. The lipsticks have thin application sticks, which makes it easier to use. They go on bright unlike other matte lipsticks that are dull when applied. These are different because they are more dimensional in color. This means that they aren’t as flat as the typical matte lipsticks.

Pretty Naughty from the Estee Lauder Spring 2013 collection is soon to become available exclusively on the company’s website. Here are some of the prices you can look for:

For your eyes

Five color eye shadow – $48

Intense Double Eyeliner – $23

Extreme Mascara – $25

For your face

Illuminating Blush – $40

For your lips

Naked Matte Lipstick – $ 25.00

Rock Candy Matte Lipstick – $ 25.00