Every aspect of our life depends on relating to people; whether it is an intimate relationship, friendship, business association or casual meeting. Additionally, you will find that most people are different because we come from all aspects of life; culture, upbringing, religion, gender and personal taste. You are going to meet people who are not worth your time. You may get into bad relationships from time to time – some you absolutely regretted, but so what? You are not the only one. We all cross some unpleasant paths in life. It is how you handle it that is the most important. So, stop focusing on the BS.

Live your life with passion, determination, love and humility. Stop wearing a ‘chip on shoulder’ because you got fired from a job or didn’t get the promotion that you thought you should have received. It is time to move on from the relationship that has gone sour. It may be a blessing in disguise that it went sour. There may be someone in your future that is waiting for you to come along. There is a job or career for you that may make you feel happier doing and possible been purposed to do, which would turn out to be more fulfilling.

Check yourself

It is time to do a self-evaluation and assessment of your personal situation. If you are carrying a grudge for someone, you should begin cleaning out that mental space of negativity. Forgiveness will ease the burden and allow you to move on. Rather than hold on to the grudge, let it go with forgiving the person who hurt you. It will do you so much more good to forgive. If you are the one who has hurt someone, check yourself. Why did you? Could be retaliation? Remember, that the ‘tit for tat’ mentality will only dig you deeper into an emotional wrecking hole. You don’t want to go there.

What to do?

If you are dishing out BS to anyone, stop now. Start focusing on the positive. It will make your life better and you will feel like a new person. Empty your mind of the negative. If you have to deal with negative individuals, then you may be drawn to their BS. If you stay optimistic, even negative people will be affected once they come in contact with you. Focus on the things that matter most to you. We all have choices and you do too. Make a choice to turn a blind eye on the BS. Pretend that it is not there. Move past it and make up your mind to seek the opposite. When you stay on the ‘straight and narrow,’ the right people will be attracted to you.


Have you been focusing on BS lately? Why? Did you realize by now how it makes you feel – depressed, sad, and anxious and all things negative? How has this BS affected and impacted your life? Let us hear how you handle BS. Your comments are important and much appreciated.