Bronzing formulas have seen an increase in the most recent months, taking the beauty product market by storm. If you want to enhance your complexion, what better way to do it than with sunless self-tanning bronzers? Many women choose this type of skin tanning because they don’t want too much sun exposure. They also get tired of applying tans using the regular sprays, lotions, foams or creams, only to experience streaks on their legs and darkened elbows.

What are Bronzers?

A bronzer is a sunless tanning option that is temporary – easy to remove. These bronzers come in mineral powders, advanced formulas, lotions, mousse, sprays, gels and moisturizers. When you apply the bronzer, it looks as if your skin has been tanned in the sun. You can wash it off with soap and water after arriving home. It is like applying makeup to the skin. It stains the skin until you wash it off.  That means it is a ‘one day use.’ You can use it in combination to a DHA-based bronzer formula. There are many formulas on the market today. Some of them are lightly resistant to water and some, when applied, result in limited perspiration.

The Application

If you apply it under your garment, you might experience some stain to your clothing. Therefore, it is best to wear dark clothing, which makes the ‘rub-off’ less noticeable. These bronzing formulas are safer than lying on a tanning bed, but the color from the bronzing application when wrongly applied on your clothing will appear blotchy and orange-ish. When you use the lotion, it darkens the more that you use it. So you must be careful how you apply it.

Air Brush

You can also tan with an air brush spray. However, this is best done by a professional. When done, it can stay on for up to 10 days. The more you wash your skin, the more it fades. You would use this on special occasions such as a photo shoot or going to an event. There are also similar tanning kits you can use at home.

Aqua Tan Body Milk

In approximately four hours after application of Aqua Tan, the color begins to develop to match your complexion. The ingredients include white tea, green tea extracts and cucumber, providing more hydration to the skin while you tan. The smell is light and fresh. The product dries fast upon application and does not feel sticky.

Kiehl’s Self-Tanning Formula

Kiehl’s self-tanning lotion is not smelly or oily. It doesn’t smell like the usual tanning lotion. You start to see results in approximately one hour. You won’t see any streaks. In fact, upon application, your skin has a natural look. The cost is economical – just a little over $20.

Clarins Intense Bronze Tint

Upon application, Clarins Intenst Bronze Tint does its job almost instantly. It can save the day, if you are unable to go to a tanning salon. In addition, it last for a long time and gives a natural looking effect.


Have you used a bronzing formula before? Have you gone to a tanning salon? Have you ever tanned in the past? Tell us of your experience, if you have. If you haven’t, what do you think about this advanced concept of tanning? Leave your comments below.