Woman Looking at Reflection

Have you ever caught yourself glimpsing in the mirror as you step out of the shower or put on clothes for work? Have you taken note of certain areas of your body that you don’t like and it probably disgusts you? None of us are perfect so you will never find perfection when it comes to your looks. So don’t let a few imperfections dampen your self-confidence. Forget about the mirror. Work on the inside first and accept the flaws that you cannot change.

You are going to age – in fact, all of us will. With aging come added flaws, which can take a toll on our self-esteem and confidence. Of course, you can exercise, do plastic surgery and put on the latest wigs, but until you know how to improve your self-confidence, all of these things won’t matter as much.

Your self-confidence
Don’t get me wrong – I know how much your appearance matters to your confidence. I would never deny that, but since aging doesn’t ask for permission, there are things you can do to enhance your self-confidence despite your age. It is time to befriend your age and look at the positive side of aging. Here are some ways to help you to become wiser and feel more confident.
Increasing your self-esteem – if you haven’t yet achieved some type of professional success in your career, then I encourage you to start pursuing a more rewarding career, which can fulfill you and make you even more confident. So if you are not doing what you like to do best, it is time to consider this.

The new generation – baby boomers today are not like those who were of the same age years ago. Older folks are now more educated, live longer and knowledgeable about their health and exercise. If you are not on this ‘bandwagon,’ do get on! Stay active, involved and connected to your life.
Self-awareness – confidence comes with being more aware and the ability to self-reflect on the past, present and future. Confidence is built when you are emotionally mature, know who you are and have core values and a distinct purpose in life. So learn everything you can about yourself – what are your trigger points, what you are passionate about and what you value most in life.

Stay focused – remain in tune with what is really important and appreciated in life. You don’t need shallow pursuits to feel confident. Of course, these will boost your ego for a while, but you want to have something more lasting. Nurture the relationships that you have, participate in meaningful work such as volunteering and take up a new interest for continued growth.

As you age, physical changes are bound to happen. Don’t put all the emphasis on those alterations. You can still be a ‘ball of youth.’ Engage in positive things, which can considerably lift your self-esteem. The ultimate goal, here, is to find out what you can do to give back to society and make others appreciative of your efforts. This is an excellent confidence builder. What have you done lately to build your confidence that you can tell us about? Leave your comments below.