Girls, if you don’t know how to flirt without seeming desperate, you’ve got to take a look below!  I can promise you, flirting is something that isn’t easy for everyone, but if you do it, do it right!  Do you have that guy at the bar that you’ve been eyeing all night but have no idea how to flirt with him?  What about that crush at work that constantly flirts with you, but you don’t exactly return it?  Well, take a look below.  These are some of the top sweet ways to flirt without seeing desperate.

Make Eye Contact

One of the biggest points that us girls miss when we are flirting is eye contact!  I am not sure if we are scared to make eye contact or it just doesn’t happen, but this shows confidence!  So, the next time you see a guy that you want to flirt with, make some eye contact, smile a lot and really draw him in!  You’ve got to make yourself approachable, that way you know that he’ll want to talk to you.  Remember, your smile and your eyes give you away more than anything!


Find Some Common Ground

Once you do finally hook that guy to come over to you and talk to you (see, the eye contact and smiling works!), you’ve got to make sure that you are finding some common ground between the two of you!  What that means is that you’ve got to spark up a conversation, really talk to him about not just what you want, but also what he wants!  What does he like to do?  Do you like to do some of his hobbies?  Do you think that the two of you would get along good if you continued to up the flirting?  Common ground and common hobbies are what builds a relationship, so keep in mind that when you are flirting, take an interest in some of the things that he likes too!

Play With Your Hair

You’d be surprised with what playing with your own hair or even a necklace around your neck or your ears can do for you.  It can draw attention to the places that might be your best asset!  If you feel like you have a fantastic neckline, why not toy around with the necklace that you have on?  If your ears are amazing, why not tuck your hair behind them a lot?  These are ways that might make him want to touch you too, who knows, if a hair falls out of place, he might tuck it back into place!

Subtle Touches

Now that you’ve been doing some subtle touches on yourself, it’s time for you to touch him a little.  A touch on the shoulder, some subtle brushing of ‘imaginary’ lint off of his arm, touching his back when you are laughing at a joke are all  ways to let him know that you are interested and that you are really into what he is saying.  Girls, this is one surefire way to flirt without seeming desperate at all!

Don’t Fake It

Finally, don’t ever be fake.  You’ve got to be yourself at all times, otherwise, the flirting won’t come out naturally and he’ll know that you are faking it.  Flirting isn’t something that is hard, especially if you have the right chemistry with the guy, but you’ve got to make sure that it is yourself that is flirting, not a fake you.

So girls, these are just a couple of the tips that do work!  Flirting isn’t always easy and if you don’t know how to do it, it can make it awkward.  If you’ve been trying to flirt and but always, always come off as unnatural, practiced or even as desperate, take these tips into consideration!  They do work!  So girlies, what other tips for flirting do you have out there?  Share ’em!