We understand that you are a busy diva and may not be able to spend too much time sitting in the mirror for long periods to apply your makeup and beautify yourself. We know that you may not be able to wash and blow dry your hair every day nor put on your luscious lashes or get your eye shadow right. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on yourself all the time. In fact, there are ways that you can enhance your beauty in less time – possibly in ten seconds or less. You can use these beauty tips especially when you have a busy agenda. Application is simple and easy enough to give you time to make it to your business meeting on schedule and still look glamorous and elegant.


Prior to applying your mascara, you should dust the eyelashes with powder. The mascara will enhance your lashes, especially the tip of the lashes, which oftentimes is missed. If you have an extra ten second to spare, do a repeat by applying more than one coat of mascara for added enhancement. If you are looking for more oomph, use lash curlers, but select one that will give an upward curl to your lashes. If you are going to use the lash curler, make sure you do so before applying your mascara.


Your eyebrows also need special treatment since they are the center of your face, so to speak. You can use a highlighter pen under and above the brow bone and arch to have perfect eyebrows. This will make your eyebrows stand out more.

Eye shadow

If you want to have seamlessly blended eye shadow, be sure to prepare the eyelids first by applying a layer of powder. Make sure to use loose powder and you won’t need that much either, but this allows the eye shadow to blend smoothly and perfectly.


For a really nice smile, your lipstick application is important. Be sure to apply lipstick around the curve of the mouth after using a concealer pencil. This will help to define your lip color and it is quick and easy to apply.


Remember, your hair style is also essential. If you are in a rush, you can get the perfect ponytail that will still make you look gorgeous and engaging. Start by blow drying the hair from the root toward the back where you will put the ponytail. Brush the hair back and tightly secure in a ponytail using a hair bungee. It will eventually loosen up. If you don’t want a ponytail, you can twist the length of the hair and wrap it around the hair bungee to make a sophisticated bun.


Have you ever been too busy to sit in the mirror and apply your makeup or create a winning hairstyle? What kind of beauty tips do you have for our readers and visitors? We would certainly like you to share it with us below by leaving your comments.