Bangs are an ideal way to improve your look and your hairstyle. If you want to change up your look a bit without cutting off your long tresses, a great bang is your best option. You don’t have to cut your curly or long hair. It can be one of the best commodities for being flirty and girlish. However, for some women, the long hair that is curly is very weighty on the lower half, which makes your hair roots fall flat with no volume. You may be afraid to cut a bang, but you don’t have to fear if the bangs are cut properly. Bangs can update your hairstyle and they only need just a little maintenance. So get out of that boring look and become a bombshell with bangs that will turn eyes toward you.

Choppy Look

If you don’t mind having bangs all the way across your forehead, then you won’t mind the choppy look. Make sure that the hairdresser who is cutting your bangs – pays attention to your hair texture. If your hair is naturally wavy, but you walked into the hair salon with blow-dried tresses, the hairdresser may cut a short bang, which will curl up later when exposed to even a little humidity. This is entirely not that cute. If you have curly hair, your bangs are supposed to be long and choppier instead of blunt. A slight twist in a jagged fringe doesn’t look as noticeable as bangs that are cut across the forehead in a straight line.

Side Bangs

Many gals love side bangs. They are great, especially for the woman who doesn’t like to feel too much hair on the forehead. You can choose longer bangs or a layered look so that the bangs aren’t too heavy or too blunt. Ask the hairdresser to cut so that the shortest part of the bang begins close to the nose. Get a side part in your hair, blow dry the hair upwards using a round brush. This gives the bangs more volume. If you don’t feel like wearing the bang after it is cut, twist the bang and use a bobby pin to pin it up.

Winged Bangs

Do you want to make a hair statement? Then, why not go for a vintage look – winged bangs! This is a very conservative look and considered bohemian. Part your hair in the center of the forehead. Have it layered on each side. Make sure that the shortest part begins above the jaw line. Style it using a curling iron, flipping it up and toward the back. Do the same for the other side.


For every woman who wears a bang, you need three essential tools – hairspray, dry shampoo and a round brush. Don’t leave home without these. Instead of using a hot iron, blow dry the bang while using a round brush. It gives the bang a bouncy look. The hairspray will keep the bang in place. The dry shampoo will wash out the grease when you need to redo your hair. Let us hear what you think about these bang ideas for long hair. Your comments are appreciated.