This summer, white nail polish is one of the most noticeable trends and every gal should go for it. Not only is it chic, but gets the attention of anyone who comes in close proximity to you. Its milky shade gives your ensemble a sophisticated look and combined with basic accessories, it is a smash. In fact, all over the Internet, it has proven to be an excellent pronunciation to any outfit. White manicures tend to give off the gothic feel and without any intention; it goes back to the 1960s. It looks great with stacked rings and fashion bracelets.

Do It Yourself

You can do your own white manicure. If you are inclined to be creative, you can add some nail designs or your own nail art to the finished look. When you wear white nail polish and white apparel, it gives you a sense of elegance and freshness. It really looks great alongside any background. Adding designs will create a different effect, but will certainly still look good, no matter what.

The Color White

The color white is one of purity and has a long standing reputation of emulating snow, milk and Persian cats. It emits edginess and is popping up everywhere. If you enter a nail salon this summer, you will certainly find many gals asking for French manicures because white polish of any kind is the new trend.

Application Steps

As with other pale colors, white can be challenging to apply. If you put too much on your finger nails, you may have a sloppy mess on your hands. If you don’t use too much, you may have noticeable streaks of white. It is best to use a matte top coat after one application and before you apply another application.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Put on a base coat first. Don’t be tempted to skip this first step because a base coat will usually make the surface smoother for the actual white polish application. It also helps the color to last much longer.
  2. After you apply the base coast, put on a thin layer of white nail polish.
  3. Your next step is to put on a matte top coat. This primes the nail so that the white polish will be evenly distributed without any streaks.
  4. The next layer should be the white nail polish.
  5. Make sure you allow it to dry by putting on a polymer top coat for faster drying with a smoother and glossier finish.

That’s all you need to get gorgeous white nails for the summer. If you don’t want to wait for long hours at the nail salon, you can try this easy application process.


To accentuate the look for your white nails, consider designs such as black and white patterns. If you are wearing a black and white outfit, it will match perfectly. Be creative with your designs, but don’t go overboard. Just make sure it expresses your personality and style.


Now that you know the new nail color craze for the summer, why not go out and get yours? You can go to the nail store and buy your own products to do it yourself or you can use the services of a professional nail technician. Whichever you choose, you will still look great in your white manicure this summer. Let us hear what you think by leaving your comments below.