What if you need that perfect Revlon pink lipstick to wear on an afternoon rendezvous? What if you find out that the lipstick you are looking for has been discontinued when you go to purchase it at your local Walgreens store? You are at your wit’s end and begin to mumble to yourself. A customer beside you inquires what the matter is and you begin to complain that you want this darn lipstick that you like and you can’t find it. The customer tells you that you can find it online at eBay or Dermastore and you are elated! What a miracle!

Many women only wear pink lipstick when they are going out, but there are different shades of pink that you can play around with – for any occasion. It all depends on your complexion. Even though, there are basic pink lipsticks, they can oftentimes be hard to select because they come in such wide color variations. One wrong selection and you will look like a strawberry Popsicle. To assist you in your mission to find that perfect lipstick, let’s look at some of the selections below. Remember, for a more flattering look, it is going to depend on your skin tone.

Skin Tone

If you have fair skin, then you should look for crisp pigmented or softer lipsticks such as a peachy kind of pink. It will counterbalance the red undertones. You could also choose petal pink shades that have either a trace of rose or lilac.

If your skin is a medium complexion, you have so many more options when it comes to shades of pink lipsticks. Stay away from those that have a blue undertone. Rather, select those with a watermelon color, deep pinks with caramel or a nude-looking pink. This will give your lips a natural appearance.

If you have deep skin tone, choose bolder and brighter pinks to complement your dark complexion.  If you want to go bolder, search for shades like fuchsia or magenta. If you want to tone it down some, go for lighter pink with a purple tone.

Various Shades of Revlon Pink

  • Revlon super lustrous is a matte dusty rose and kissable pink lipstick is infused with tons of moisturizers to capture the softness and color.
  • Get the Barbie effect with Revlon Super Lustrous Shine Lipstick
  • Shimmer those lips with the new Revlon Super Lustrous Pearl Lipstick
  • Natural Lips, but more pink with the Revlon Super Lustrous Sky Pink Lipstick

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For the perfect lip finish or longer lasting wear, apply foundation around the corners of your lips. Pump up those lips with the perfect pink shade to match your complexion and skin tone. Don’t be left without your perfect pink Revlon lips. Search on eBay or Dermastore.com to find exactly what you want. What’s your preferred pink lipstick? Share your comments with us below.