No one probably told you that when you begin to age, your skin would sag, you would see lines on your face, you could lose some of your vision, you would probably have to wear a wig or you would varicose veins on your legs. If you are not ready for this, it could make you feel unattractive. What do you do in situations like these? Here are some solutions below.

Thinning hair

Your hair may thin out as you grow older because the scalp becomes dry, especially when you have to color your gray hair. Constant dyeing of the hair can cause the hair to become thinner and frizzier.

Your hair at this juncture is going to need extra moisture. Be sure to shampoo and conditioning your hair on a frequent basis. A leave-in conditioner is helpful as well. Use this daily. Deep condition your hair each week. Be sure that you maintain a nutritious diet that includes protein and amino acids. Add multivitamin tablets to your daily routine. Eight glasses of water each day and exercising at least three times per week is suggested by many experts.

Varicose veins

As you age, you may see varicose veins or lumpy pockets of fat on your legs. This can be quite un-attractive to most women, especially if they wear dresses or skirts above the knees. In some cases, this could be due to genetics or a hormone deficiency. It could also be caused by a loss of weight.

If it is not prominently displayed, you could probably do some tanning to temporarily hide them. For varicose veins, a leg bronzer can mask them. Be sure to remove this prior to bedtime. For more coverage, apply concealer evenly on the legs. However, you would not be able to go to the pool or stay outside in the sun for too long. Non-invasive laser technique can break down the walls of the veins and let it disappear. Check with a dermatologist for your best option.

Age spots

As you get older, you may notice visible age spots on your face or skin. This might be due to damage from the sun and more melanin on the skin than usual. You can avoid this by wearing SPF on a daily basis. Be sure the SPF is 15 or more. Tanning can blend the age spots into your skin texture. See your doctor for a topical cream that could fade the spots with constant use after a month or two. Some topical creams can slow down the production of melanin.

Redness on the skin

You may be the kind of person who loved sunbathing on the beach when you were younger. Now the effect is showing up on the skin as you get older. Blotches or redness is noticeable on the face. Aside from sunbathing, menopause is also another cause for skin problems. In this case, use a sunblock and facial moisturizer under your makeup. Your dermatologist can prescribe a topical antibiotic to alleviate the problem, but it is your responsibility to take care of your face, watch what you eat, get enough rest and exercise. This has a lot to do with skin problems.

Do you see any signs of aging yet? Is it associated with your skin? Is it visible? What have you done to fix this? Let us know of your experience. It will be of help to our visitors. Leave your comments below.