This week I am doing a Collab with my friend Laura from Shakeup Makeup. We decided to bring you our Top 10 Products from Amazon, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls. This is everything about Skincare and Beauty. Hope you enjoy the video! xoxo Sharon

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Products Mentioned +++++++

TJ Maxx:

Pecksniff’s Ginger flower & Patchouli Room Spray


Lanocream Bee Venom Mask

Face Scrubbers

EGF Eye Masks

Hydrating Lip Mask


Alpha Renewal Lotion w/ Glycolic Acid

Alpha Glycolic Acid 14%

Silver 3D Massager

Jade Roller

Silicone Mask

Boxed 3D Masks of 4


Facial Scrubbers ( 2 )

Chin Up

Cacay Oil