Are you and your spouse on the ‘same page?’ If not, then it may be time to check those unanticipated habits that may lead to future marital issues. Some couples may seem like they have it together, but outside appearance is different from what is actually happening in the relationship.

Not going in the same direction

If you and your husband have varying schedules, you may be going in opposite directions. It could be that your husband travels a lot while you are home nursing your lonely feelings. If your husband works on the other side of town, you may soon need to bridge the marriage for marital bliss. It is worse even when your husband works late and you don’t. This does a lot to your subconscious mind by having you think he is neglecting you. When you both have similar schedules, you might feel as if you are thinking similarly and that your goals are the same.

Protecting Your Relationship

It is not honest to say that you have never looked at another man while you were married, especially if he smiled at you or gave you a compliment. Tell the truth now. All of us have done so at one time or another. And guess what? It is no crime to make that admission. However, when you are committed to a relationship, you won’t think that any guy is hotter than yours. In fact, you will find it flattering that other men are noticing you, but you wished that you had a sign to post on your forehead that you are taken. It is not the same for a woman who is not as committed. She can be flirtatious without understanding the danger. Protect your relationship by working on becoming more committed to your partner.

Eating Healthy Together

If you and your spouse have decided to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you will definitely see progress in other parts of your relationship. It is to your advantage to also eat together as much as you can. This sparks closeness with you and your spouse.

Smile More and Be Happy

Laughter is the best medicine for any relationship. If you smile more and maintain a happy profile, both you and your spouse will benefit. Go to a comedy show as often as you can with your partner. Watch comedy shows on television. Share a joke with him about what happened at the office. Play around with each other – even a pillow fight or two will do you good.

Discussing Finances Amicably

Communication is very essential to a relationship. It is the time when you can discuss your financial goals and how to budget your household. So it is best you be on good financial terms. If you are a woman, don’t go shopping without consulting your spouse about your purchase. I know you would love to hide that package that came in the mail from your online purchase, but what if he eventually stumbled upon it in the closet?


A relationship is like a garden. You have to weed out the bad, water it and watch it grow. Do the things suggested here and your relationship will only get better. Tell us how you maintain your relationship. Give our audience some of your own tips. Leave comments below.