There comes a time when you look in the mirror at yourself and realize that you are aging. Has that ever happened to you? Welcome to the aging world! Well, if you looked in the mirror lately and saw that little pouch in your midsection, you might be wondering how on earth you are going to get rid of it. You are not alone. Some women find their midsection bloating for different reasons. It could be just that time of the month, PMS, fibroids or menopause. If you are in the pre-menopausal state, don’t worry, after you get to the menopausal milestone, it will shrink because there is no more blood stimulating your uterus. Does that sound gross or hopeful? You decide!

Anyway, back to the real world. If you want to hide that protruding belly in front of you, there are several ways to do so. Of course, the experts would tell you to exercise or do sit-ups or crunches, but while we know that is important, I know you are looking for a quick-fix to get into that dress you love so dearly, right?

Shape Wear

I think everyone woman should have at least one shape wear item in her chest of drawers. You want to train that midsection to stay in and let you enjoy the attention that a slim waistline provides.  I would also suggest that you get one of those cheap belly bands and wear it around the house while you are cooking, washing or doing household chores. It will keep the belly in and give your waist an enhanced contour.

Wear Black

They say that black is a girl’s best friend because it hides the bulges. I have proven it for myself. So if you are going to a special event and you want to hide that stomach, opt for black apparel. It could be a black dress or black top and bottom. If you don’t like black, then choose dark eggplant. So that you don’t look as if you are going to a funeral, I would choose a pink pair of shoes and pink purse or any other bold color that you like. I would also add a statement necklace and some colorful bangles and a pair of tear drop earrings.

Bodycon and Midi

The bodycon and midi dresses seem to elongate the body. I am not sure if it is the length or that it fits to your body shape, but it does give you a slimmer waistline. You can choose a nice bodycon dress, but make sure it fits below the knees. You can also opt for a pencil skirt, but the same idea applies.


Wear clothes that have a draping effect, which means it does not hug the waist. No one will see your belly from a draped dress or top. It camouflages the belly.

Contrasting Colors

Color block is another suggestion to hiding the midsection. However, make sure you buy a color block dress with light colors going one way and a darker color going the other. It creates an optical illusion to hide the middle of your stomach.


Do you have any more ideas of how you can hide the midsection? We would love to hear from you. Leave your comments below so our readers can benefit from it. We value your input.