Everyone has a different ‘take’ on letting go. What does it mean to you? Well, there are so many ways that you can let go of certain people, situations and habits. However, some people are afraid of letting go for fear of leaving their comfort zone. Are you one of those people – too afraid of eliminating your old habits and ideas?

Your comfort zone

To leave your comfort zone or familiar environment and get rid of old thinking patterns, you have to completely let go. You don’t have to go to any extremes. However, there are times when you have to change your friends, your job and your situation in order to see progress and pursue your purpose. It might be uncomfortable to do so at first, but believe me, in the end, the results will transform you and confirm that you have made the right move. Be careful not to make up excuses as to why you cannot step out of your comfort zone. Just do it!

Making the decision

In life, you will be trying so hard to see results in your life. You try and try and nothing seems to be going well for you. You are wondering why everyone else is moving forward and you aren’t. Check yourself. It could be a bad relationship, a toxic friendship or a negative lifestyle. It is going to be painful to get rid of all of this, but you have to be bold. You will live. It won’t hurt you for long. You deserve better. Make the decision to move into a positive direction – once and for all!

The fear

Of course, you are going to feel frightened and scared about the unknown – an unpredictable future. However, if you don’t go through the fear, you won’t know what the future holds, right? Getting rid of the past can be a good thing. You will get to navigate your way through; knowing that you will experience some change, at least. Don’t let the fear be your stumbling block and prevent you from achieving your best. Remember, that in any event, you cannot predict the future since it comes with its own setbacks. However, unlike past experiences, you can hope for the best while you are eliminating your bad habits, seeking out better relationships and making use of your talent and gifts.

Seeking help

If you are unsure about what actions to take, it is best to seek the advice of someone who has experience in helping people to transform their lives; like a transformation coach. You will be guided step by step with your decisions and also be given good suggestions at different points in your life. It is best to choose someone who is unbiased since you will receive more honesty than you would with a family member or friend. You may feel as if you are losing your identity, but so what? It is better to assume a better identity and personality than you had before, if it was hindering you from making progress.


You can discover your full potential when you make certain changes in your life. Don’t believe otherwise. You will win some and you will lose some, but it is going to be all for your good. So always consider change as something good. Tell us what may be hindering your progress? Is it letting go of something that you think is valuable and it is really not? Let us hear your input.