What does the coming New Year mean for you? Is this going to be just another day in your life or something significant? What kind of emotions do you have when you think about 2015? Does the thought of embarking on a new season bring tears to your eyes, cause excitement or make you happy? Are you anticipating the fulfillment of the resolutions you are going to make? Have you already set those goals? Are you really excited about continuing your path to creating new adventures? Those are some of the questions many people like you are asking themselves. The answer is going to depend on each individual.

What’s Important

For me, and other gals I know, the approach of the New Year is one of excitement. I have set my goals and I am so thrilled about achieving many of them. I am hoping to impact lives and build my dreams. However, for now, I have a sense of relief that I survived a tough year with health issues and family challenges. I am so glad I have a roof over my head, food on the table and a loving family. Is that what is most important to you too? I am so glad that I survived all the changes that came about in 2014; some of which were intentional and others just popped up on me. I dealt with them and I am still here! That is the beauty about it.

Glad You Made It

Of course, there were times when I had a lot of fear, emotional rollercoaster rides and times of joy and happiness. So it was an up and down ride for me. I am sure it was for most of us because that is life. Life happens and you have to deal with it. But when the year ends, you have to be truly thankful that you made it after all of that. There are many who didn’t make it. While there is life, there is hope for us all. For 2015, you will have challenges, but how you deal with them will dictate your survival. Think positively and hope for the best. Continue to fulfill your purpose and believe in your dreams.

Have the courage to embrace change when it comes. Celebrate your achievements, no matter how small. Invest in yourself. Live free. To put things into perspective, it is best to make a list of:

  • Things you are grateful for
  • What you are excited about for the upcoming year?
  • Things you would like to achieve for the new year
  • What will you change about your eating habit and health?
  • What will you do to take care of your body, mind and soul?
  • What will you leave behind in 2014?
  • What are you willing to let go of?


Be honest with your answers. It is no time to fool around. Get serious about the changes you want to make. Commit to them and see them to the end of 2015. Have a Happy New Year and all the best with your endeavors. Please leave your comments below.