There are many times in life that you may have felt like quitting. Don’t be hard on yourself for feeling this way. The best of us have been in this position before. It is what we do to improve our chances of ‘not remaining in that quitting position,’ that will help us to be more focused. You may have exhausted all of your options, which leaves you feeling confused, but there are always ways to recoup.


It may be time to analyze your situation, reflect on your choices and choose the next practical step that will not seem overwhelming to you. Or it may be time to rest for a while until you can figure out what to do. Analyzing your situation will present new questions that will need new answers. There are no erroneous answers to this. You have to choose the answer that is appropriate for you at that particular time; something that will guide you to the next step.


There is no perfect world and once you are aware of that, you will realize that nothing will ever go the same way each time. That means that you will have challenges and if you come to expect this, then you will know not to give up when things are not going as you would like them to.


Think about this


• Are you lacking confidence?

• Do you feel joy when you get up in the mornings?

• Have you forgotten to count your blessings?

• What is your focus? Is it on the things that are lacking or is it on what you already have?

• Do you complain a lot?

• Have you been grateful lately?


It is normal to have some misgivings because you are human and there is no way that you will feel completely satisfied at all times. However, you must appreciate your life because if you don’t, you won’t be living. You will be existing and that is when you feel like quitting.


When you quit, it is not the same as giving up. Quitting might mean that you need to do a shift with your goals. Giving up might mean just changing your perspective and walking away from it all. Life is filled with surprises and contrary to what people believe, it is optional to quit. For example, you can opt to quit a job that leaves you unfulfilled or a relationship that is abusive.


What do you do?


When you feel like quitting, it may be time to make abrupt changes. So don’t ignore the signs. You will always hear that little voice inside, which is your instinct. Trust that little voice inside. It can be your best friend. Be clear about what is making you discontent by pinpointing it until you are really able to evaluate your dissatisfaction. Think about the pros and cons of the existing situation.


Don’t forget that you are the one who will make the ultimate decision – and that decision will have to be something that you will be able to live with. Create a list of the options you have before even making the final decision. Put the pros and cons at the end of that list. Your next important step is to create Plan A, B and C…Plan D if you have to. Get the idea?

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