As you age, it is suggested that you maintain a good mental and physical lifestyle. This is especially true when you reach the age of 50 or older. It is important to have a healthy lifestyle. Of course, you will notice several indirect changes to your skin, hair and metabolism.

What to expect?

Each person goes through the aging process in a different way and your lifestyle change is going to determine how you spend this decade. You have to make yourself happy and as pain-free as possible because at this age, you may start feeling aches and pains. Menopause is not far away and so you may have symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, moodiness and fatigue, especially if you are not exercising.

You are going to see age spots on your skin, wrinkles, fine lines and possibly dark under-eye bags. There are many beauty products that can help with this. Investigate first or ask friends for recommendations, but bear in mind that no two skin type are alike.

You may starting losing muscle mass. You may have fat in different places of your body. Your estrogen level will begin to decrease. You may have dim vision in your eyes. There are solutions to these problems: physical activities, collagen, retinol products, plastic surgery and others.


Your metabolism

At this age, your metabolism will slow down, which means you may gain some weight. To solve this, eat foods rich in fruits, whole grains and vegetable. Stay away from high fat dairy products and too much red meat.

You might have spent years in the past drinking milk shakes with no weight gain. You may also have drunk alcohol now and then at different parties and there was no effect. At this age, you would probably start to feel some bloating in the stomach and a few added pounds here and there. Because you don’t produce sufficient lactase to help digestion at this age, you have to be careful what you ingest.
Weak pelvic muscles

At this age, you may start to notice frequent urination such as incontinence. Why? Your pelvic muscles may have weakened or you may have pelvic prolapse. This is more susceptible to women who have had many children during their childrearing age. With excess weight, you may suffer from uterine fibroids, which develop earlier, but can shrink after menopause.

One good thing to bear in mind is that by the age of 50, you will know more about your body than you did in the past. So you will probably know how to deal with stress. You probably will be in control of your emotions, accepting things that you cannot change and going with the flow. You have high regard for friends and family at this stage because you may have possibly experienced tragedy by this age. You will appreciate and be grateful for small triumphs and spend time enjoying your life.



Are you 50 or over 50? What have you accomplished in life so far? What do you desire to do on your bucket list of things? Are you enjoying life? Do you have health issues that need addressing? We would love to read your comments below.