Like you, I make excuses at one time or other in my life. Don’t beat up on yourself!  However, taking action requires a calm confidence that you are moving forward. So, stop making excuses and take action today. Forget about what you did in the past. You don’t have to rationalize something before doing it. Sometimes, doing so will create excuses that you want to avoid. Set practical goals and follow through on them.

You will need willpower and determination to execute your goals. If you lack willpower, you will tend to procrastinate and that is not helpful to you. You need to organize priorities and manage them efficiently.

Organize Priorities

Your first initiative is to determine what is the most important to you at this moment. Is it improving your finances? Is it getting a degree? Is it improving your relationship? If you continue to make excuses regarding your goals, it will result in a conflict with your priorities. When you don’t have a system or method for making firm decisions, you will tend to lean on your emotions and what feels right to you at the moment.

You can get rid of this behavior by being definitive about your priorities. This will help you to define when one priority is in conflict with another. If you had a decision to make between going on a date and finishing up your college homework due the next day, you would have to look at which one holds more precedence and importance to you. Setting priorities will keep you from making excuses. It simplifies the decision making process and keeps out conflict.

With urgent matters at hand, it’s essential to outline both your primary and smaller focuses. A primary focus should receive your devoted attention. Smaller focuses should never be left undone, but you should place these on autopilot so that most of your energy is devoted to the primary focus.

For example, my primary focus at this time is my business. I have set a goal to put most of my time into this business on a full time basis. My other focuses are family, health, socializing and hobbies. While I place more importance on my primary focus, I still take time out to enjoy and take care of family, which is mandatory for me and I make sure that I pay attention to my health as well. You can do all of these, while putting some things at the forefront.

Dividing your priorities into a main focus and several different focuses will make it more difficult for excuses.  Every time that there is a conflict and I am tempted to make an excuse, I simply consider the priorities that I have. You should do the same.  When you have clear priorities, it is hard to rationalize a departure from them.


Your success depends on making an effort to lay off the excuses and instead take risks and face the failures. It is better to take action with the risks and failures than not to do anything at all. You never know the outcome if you try. If you don’t try, you already know that the result is ‘nothing.’ Leave your comments and share your thoughts here. We would love to hear from you.