I love to go to the beauty product counter in the huge shopping malls to check out their products, what is new on the market and to get feedback from the makeup girl about how to properly apply various products. But, the beauty product counter provides much more than that. If you feel like splurging on yourself, you can visit one of the counters at your local Macy’s or Dillard’s store. Of course, you don’t have to spend any money, if you didn’t plan to. You can just take advantage of the expertise provided by the makeup specialist – for free!


Visit the beauty product counter and gather a whole lot of information about your skin type, skin color and skin texture – what kind of makeup complements your skin and more. The makeup specialist is experienced and knows a lot about the products as well as what will work best for various skin types. Ask questions when in doubt. She will be happy to showcase her expertise and by the time, you leave, you will be more educated on the beauty products that you should be using on your skin. If you want to pick up one or two products, by all means do so.

Free Samples

One of the things I like about the beauty counter at the department stores is the free giveaways. You get free samples of products that you can try before you buy. Those small samples can go a long way until you have the funds to purchase the actual product. Of course, you may have to pay a few dollars on other products to get some of the free samples. The next time you visit a beauty product store, be sure to ask what kind of sale, discounts and free samples are available.

Free Beauty Makeover

If you have never had a makeover, go to the beauty product counter of your local department store and you will be sure to get one for less the cost and at times, for free. These cosmetic salespeople are always ready to show their skills. It can be fun to see how you could be beautifully transformed with a professional beauty makeover. And of course, you will get some ideas of your own on how to put on your makeup properly. These tips will help you to become the diva that you want to be – right from the comfort of your home.

Provide Skincare

We talked about this before. The makeup specialist at the beauty counter is trained to identify certain skin products for specific skin types. She will teach you how to appropriately take care of your skin. The advice you receive will help you to possibly change the way you take care of your skin. You will learn about how to apply toners, moisturizers and cleaners.

More Product Selection

The beauty counter is where you will know which product best suits you. You will be provided with a variety of products to choose from. Sometimes, you can make special orders for items that are not in stock.


A beauty counter can put a dent in your pocket book, if you don’t know how to wisely take advantage of the resources offered. You will have access to skincare products that are reasonably priced. So visit your nearest beauty product counter today, if you haven’t. If you have, then share with our readers, what knowledge you have gained from that visit. Leave your comments below.